Hey, hey, hey! Chances are you stumbled here by accident, maybe you follow my little account on Instagram or know my shop Dylan’s Designs Inc. Either way you’re here and still reading, so, we are off to a good start! This isn’t the best of what you’ll get here I promise, it’s more of an introduction. I’m no good at these but I’ll do what I can:

Eh Hem *tap tap tap* is thing on? Ok? Ok! Here we go. 

Im Danielle. A married mama of three boys under five. Im a Disney inspired small shop owner, that’s where the “magical” comes in, or where I thought I was going when I decided to start this blog. To talk about all things Disney and creating Disney inspired merch. But there are so many more things in this life that are magical: Husband, kids, food, the fierce female mind. 

So I’m going to talk about all of it. And even the not so magical. The dark magic that most of us hide. The sadness the loneliness. The days when the storm comes in so damn fast and hard that you don’t have any time to run for cover. You can expect honesty, sarcasm, and most of all sincerity. 

Even though I’m now a suburban working from home wife and mother of three, I have some great (embarrassing, but funny) stories and advice to give from my younger single days. When I was a whiskey drinking, attitude giving, wild as all hell bartender from the city (Chi-town!). It’s been an interesting (to say the least) ride so far and I can’t wait to share some of my current life, past life and “not so mommy” mom moments! 

Mom life, wife life, shop life. Raised poor, married rich. Only child, made a big family. I’ve got a little bit of everything going on over here. 

Magic is in what you make of it. Everything in this crazy, chaotic, challenging, beautiful, wonderful life can be magical. You just have to believe it. Believe me! 

If you’ve made it this far you da real MVP. If you don’t already and want to put some faces to places follow my Instagram @itsamagicallife or (shameless promotion) go shop for some fun stuff at @dylansdesignsinc 

See ya real soon! (And next time, bring whiskey) 

Danielle Cohen